HC Deb 21 July 1840 vol 55 cc867-9
Viscount Morpeth

begged the indulgence of the House in moving for leave to bring in a bill to define the boundaries of corporate towns in Ireland, and to grant compensation to corporate officers in certain cases. He knew the course he was taking was somewhat irregular, but he thought the circumstances of the case would render it excusable. The present bill which he proposed to bring in had reference to the Municipal Corporations (Ireland) Bill, which was at that time pending in the House of Lords. The propositions of the present bill were certainly not such as he thought necessary or called for by the circumstances of the case, but those propositions had originated in the other House of Parliament, and as that House could not, with safety to the right claimed by this House of originating all money bills, originate a bill that might impose a public burden, and as in the absence of such a bill as the present there was reason to fear that the Municipal Corporations (Ireland) Bill might be delayed, her Majesty's Government had come to the decision of asking for leave to introduce a bill to adjust the boundaries of corporate towns according to the Municipal Corporations Dill as it came down from the other House of Parliament in the last Session of Parliament; and further to provide compensation for corporate officers who, in the opinion of the other House, had not been sufficiently provided for by the bill as it was sent up from this House.

Leave given.