HC Deb 15 July 1840 vol 55 c733

On the Order of the Day being read for taking into consideration the Lords' amendments to the Canada Government Bill,

Lord John Russell

, in moving that the amendments be agreed to, said, that with regard to one of those amendments some misapprehension seemed to exist in some quarters. It seemed to be supposed that one of those amendments had the effect of postponing the operation of the bill for fifteen months. Now the effect of that amendment was, to give the Governor-general a power to postpone its commencement for that period if he pleased, instead of the more limited period of six months, within which time the bill, as it went up to the Lords, was directed to be brought into operation. The amendment, therefore, did not at all prevent the bill coming into operation within six months, or indeed as soon as the Government at home and the Governor-general might think proper.

Amendments agreed to.

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