HC Deb 08 July 1840 vol 55 cc557-8
Mr. Pakington

having moved the order of the day for the adjourned debate upon receiving the report of the Sale of Beer Bill, No. 2,

The motion was agreed to, and bill reported.

Viscount Sandon moved the clause of which he had given notice for preventing the consumption of beer on the premises in houses hereafter to be licensed for the first time or to new tenants. The evil tendency of beer-shops in which the beer was consumed had been proved by the combined testimony, not merely of magistrates and police officers, but of the clergy of the Established Church, Dissenting ministers, and Roman Catholic priests, whose signatures were appended in great numbers to the petitions which had been presented to the House praying for an amendment of the law on this subject.

Clause read a first time. On the question that it be read a second time,

Mr. Pakington

said, he could not agree that any such clause should be added to the bill, and even if it were, he doubted whether a provision of that nature could have the effect which his noble Friend anticipated. He fell perfectly convinced, that that new mode of dealing with a very difficult question would be most extensively evaded. He was opposed to the clause, but, though his opinion happened to be otherwise, he still apprehended that the opinion of the House would eventually be rendered adverse to the whole measure, in case his noble Friend succeeded in effecting the proposed alteration.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer

said, it appeared to him that the clause would create a new class of privileged houses. An attempt was made to reconcile the interests of beerhouse-keepers and licensed victuallers, while the consideration of the public interest was altogether omitted. The effect of the bill, should it pass into a law, with the clause proposed, would be equivalent to an entire repeal of the existing Beer Act. The whole system of monopoly would be again revived, and the old abuses re-enacted. A free trade in beer had been established; if they attempted to put an end to that, an illicit trade would, he feared, immediately arise, which the police would be unable to repress.

The House divided: Ayes 47; Noes 91: Majority 44.

List of the AYES.
Acland, Sir T. D. Hughes, W. B.
Baldwin, C. B. Kelly, F.
Barneby, J. Lascelles, hon. W. S.
Bradshaw, J. Lennox, Lord A.
Broadley, H. Miles, P. W. S.
Bruges, W. H. L. Nicholl, J.
Burrell, Sir C. Packe, C. W.
Cavendish, hon. G. H. Palmer, R.
Cresswell, C. Parker, R. T.
Dick, Q. Powerscourt, Visct.
Duffield, T. Pusey, P.
Du Pre, G. Rae, right hon. Sir W.
Egerton, W. T. Richards, R.
Egerton, Sir P. Rushbrooke, Colonel
Eliot, Lord Rushout, G.
Farnham, E. B. Shaw, right hon. F.
Feilden, W. Sheppard, T.
Gaskell, J. Milnes Sturt, H. C.
Gladstone, W. E. Vere, Sir C. B.
Goring, H. D. Verner, Colonel
Greene, T. Wilmot, Sir J. E.
Grimsditch, T. Winnington, Sir T. E.
Halford, H. TELLERS.
Hector, C. J. Sandon, Viscount
Hogg,J. W. Barrington, Viscount
List of the NOES.
Ainsworth, P. Guest, Sir J.
Alston, R. Hamilton, C. J. B.
Baring, rt. hon. F. T. Handley, H.
Barnard, E. G. Hill, Lord A. M. C.
Bewes, T. Hobhouse, T. B.
Blackstone, W. S. Hope, hon. C.
Blair, J. Hoskins, K.
Briscoe, J. I. Houstoun, G.
Brotherton, J. Hume, J.
Bryan, G. Hurt, F.
Buller, E. Hutchins, E. J.
Burroughes, H. N. Hutt, W.
Clements, Viscount Irton, S.
Clive, E. B. Langdale, hon. C.
Clive, hon. R. H. Langton, W. G.
Cowper, hon. W. F. Lushington, C.
Currie, R. Lygon, hon. General
Darby, G. Lynch, A. H.
Denison, W. J. Maule, hon. F.
Dugdale, W. S. Morris, D.
Duncombe, T. Muntz, G. F.
Ellice, E. Muskett, G. A.
Estcourt, T. Paget, F.
Euston, Earl of Parker, J.
Evans, W. Pechell, Capt.
Ewart, W. Pendarves, E. W. W.
Finch, F. Philips, M.
Greg, R. H. Philips, G. R.
Grey, rt. hon. Sir G. Pinney, W.
Rice, E. R. Tufnell, H.
Russell, Lord J. Turner, E.
Scholefield, J. Vigors, N. A.
Sheil, rt. hon. R. L. Villiers, hon. C. P.
Shirley, E. J. Waddington, H. S.
Slaney, R. A. Wakley, T.
Smith, J. A. Warburton, H.
Smith, B. Ward, H. G.
Smith, R. V. White, A.
Somerset, Lord G. Williams, W.
Stanley, hon. E. J. Williams, W. A.
Stanley, hon. W. O. Winnington, H. J.
Stansfield, W. R. C. Worsley, Lord
Style, Sir C. Wrightson, W. B.
Talbot, C. R. M. Wyse, T.
Tancred, H. W. TELLERS.
Thornely, T. Pakington, J. S.
Thornhill, G. Sanford, E. A.

Bill to be read a third time.