HC Deb 03 July 1840 vol 55 cc419-20
Mr. Wallace

wished to ask the right hon. Gentleman, the President of the Board of Trade, whether any account of the new Tariff which had been reported to have been issued by the Spanish Government, and which was said to be of a nature most injurious to our manufacturing interests, had reached the Government?

Mr. Labouchere

said, there had been received at the Board of Trade, within the last very few days, a report from a commission that had been appointed by the Spanish Government for investigating the character of the existing tariff, but from its having been so recently received, he was unable to give the full particulars of it to the House. It was true, that if the recommendation of that commission were carried into effect, it would be most hostile to our commerce; but it had not yet been adopted, and he hoped the Spanish Government would not proceed to act on it. If, however, they did so, it would then be for her Majesty's Government to consider what steps should be taken on the subject.

Subject dropped.

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