HC Deb 27 January 1840 vol 51 c581

Petitions presented. By Messrs. Villiers. O'Connell, and Warburton, from a number of places, for the Total Repeal of the Corn-laws.—By Admiral Adams, from one place, for allowing the Church to exercise its functions independent of the Civil Power.—By Sir M. Wood, Messrs. Hume, Ward, and Easthope, for the Abolition of Church-rates, and the Release of John Thoro-good.—By Messrs. O'Connell, and J. O'Connell, from a great number of places, for an Extension of the Franchise, and Corporate Reform in Ireland.—By Messrs. Plumptre, Maxwell, and Halford, from three places, for Protection to the Church of England.—By Mr. French, from Tipperary, for Medical Reform.—By Mr. Divett, from Exeter, for Reform of the Court of Chancery.