HC Deb 18 February 1840 vol 52 cc345-6
Sir J. Graham

begged to ask another question of the noble Lord, which arose out of another paragraph in the Queen's speech, relative to our existing relations with the Schah of Persia. It was stated in her Majesty's speech that communications which had been received from the court of Teheran induced her Majesty to expect the re-establishment of our diplomatic relations with the Schah of Persia. The question he had to ask was, whether any information had been received by the noble Lord realizing the expectations so held out, and whether there was an immediate prospect of any arrangement? There was another question which he had to put to the noble Lord, respecting the position in which we stood with regard to the Schah of Herat. He wished to ask whether the Sovereign of Herat, Kamram Schah, had seceded from our alliance, and whether he was not in intimate connexion with the Court of Teheran?

Viscount Palmerston

, in reply, said, that some time ago information had been received from the British Minister formerly at the Court of the Schah of Persia, stating that the Schah had consented to all the demands of the British Government. Subsequently to that period, however, he had received a communication from the Minister of the Schah, comprising the details of the contemplated arrangements. It appeared, however, on examination, that the mode in which the Persian government had proposed to execute its general intentions, and to give satisfaction to the British Government, was not on certain points the same as the manner in which it had been proposed by her Majesty's Government that satisfaction should be given. That made it necessary for him to make another communication to the Minister of the Schah, and of course that communication had not yet been answered; but as the Schah had declared his intention of acceding without qualification to the demands of the British Government, he had no doubt that the answer that would be received would be satisfactory. In the mean time the British agent remained at Erzerum, with orders not to return to the Court of Persia till satisfaction had been given. As to the second question of the right hon. Baronet, he was not able to state precisely the nature of the relations existing between the Governor-general of India and Kamram Schah. He had not himself received any information respecting the close connexion said to be established between Kamram Schah and the Court of Persia, but some late accounts seemed to show that some connexion existed. Those accounts, however, rested only on report.

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