HC Deb 18 February 1840 vol 52 c392
Mr. Leader

rose to move, that an humble Address be presented to the Queen, praying her Majesty to be pleased, under the special circumstances of the case, to grant a free pardon to Frost, Williams, and Jones. The hon. Member presented petitions from Stroud, with 1,300 signatures, from a place in Suffolk, from Stonehouse, Lewes, Hamilton, and Glasgow, to that effect.

Mr. Fox Maule

hoped the hon. Member would not bring on so important a motion at that hour. It would be injustice to the hon. Member himself, to Gentlemen who had to reply to him, and to the prisoners themselves, to go on with the discussion at that time of the night.

Mr. Leader

said, it was only twelve o'clock, and two hours might be enough. He would ask the hon. Gentleman, would he pledge himself that the prisoners should remain at Portsmouth until this discussion should be had? If so, he was ready to give way, and put off his motion till Thursdy.

Mr. Hume

although he should second the motion of the hon. Member, would advise him not to press it at that hour. He thought he had better put it off until Thursday, and then take his chance of bringing it on.

Mr. Leader

said, it would be most unfair on the part of the Government, should the prisoners be transported before this motion was disposed of. He would at the suggestion of his hon. Friend, postpone the motion to Thursday.

Motion postponed.