HC Deb 02 April 1840 vol 53 c428

Bills. Read a first time:—Canada Government; Lord Seaton's Annuity.—Read a second time:—Exchequer Bills.

Petitions presented. By Messrs. Halford, Bruges, Thorneley, Macaulay, Greg, M. Philips, R. Currie, Hawes, Hume, Brotherton, White, B. Wood, Horsman, Pattison, Wallace, Lords J. Russell, Morpeth, Fitzroy, Sirs G. Strickland, B. Hall, and Captain Pechell, from a very great number of places, for, and by Messrs. Young, Darby, B. Baring, Redington, Sirs C. Knightley, C. Burrell, C. B. Vere, J. Y. Buller, and J. Mordaunt, and Lord Hotham, from an equally great number of places, against the Total and Immediate Repeal of the Corn-laws.—By Mr. Palmer, from the Attorneys of Reading, for Removing the Courts of Law from Westminster, to a more convenient situation.—By Mr. Hawkes, from Stafford, against the Poor-laws By Sir C. Knightley, from Northampton, for the Liberation of Mr. Howard.—By Mr. Freshfield, from Leeds, against the Printed Papers Bill.—By Sir R. Inglis, from Durham, against the Opium Trade.—By Mr. A. White, from Sunderland, and Mr. Baines, from Yorkshire, against Church Extension; and by Mr. W. Miles, from Somerset, in favour of the same.—By Mr. C. Lushington, from several places, for the Release of John Thorogood, and the Abolition of Church Rates.—By the Attorney-general, from persons at Glasgow, for Universal Suffrage, and Vote by Ballot.—By Sir H. Parnell, from the Medical Association of Scotland, for Medical Reform.—By Sir G. Clerk, from Stafford, for Church Extension; and from one place, for an Alteration in the Law of Patronage in Scotland.

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