HC Deb 03 May 1839 vol 47 c765

Petitions presented. By Lord G. LENNOX, General EVANS, Sir S. LUSHINOTON, Sir J. V. BULLER, and Messrs. DIVETT, A. WHITE, LOCKHART, KELLY, and BARNARD, from several places, for a Uniform Penny Postage.—By Mr. KELLY, Mr. KEMBLE, Lords SANDON, and DUNGANNON, and Sir J. V. BULLER, from several places, against any further Grant to Maynooth College.—By Lord MAIDSTONE, from Kent, for a system of National Education on Religious Principles.—By Mr. GODSON, from Kidderminster, against the Inequality of Rating under the New Poor-law Act.—By Lord SANDON, from Liverpool, for Church Extension in Canada; and from Lichfield, against any system of Education not founded on the Scriptures.—By Mr. KEMBLE, from Richmond, for Church Extension in he Colonies; and from Warrington, against the Beer-laws.—By Lord DUNGANNON, from Stockton-upon-Tees, against the Ecclesiastical Duties and Revenues Bill,—By Sir STEPHEN LUSEUNGTON, from several Individuals, in favour of the Jamaica Government Bill.—By Sir R. FERGUSON, from the Antislavery Society of Nottingham, to the same effect.—By Mr. T. DONCOMBE, from West India Merchants and others, against the Jamaica Government Bill.