HC Deb 27 March 1839 vol 46 c1222

Lord J. Russell having moved that the House, at its rising, do adjourn to Monday, the 8th of April,

Lord G. Somerset

begged to know if the noble Lord had yet made up his mind as to the course he should pursue with regard to the Poor-law Act; whether it was his intention to propose simply the renewal of the act, or to introduce any alterations respecting the powers of the commissioners and the objectionable clauses—those relating to illegitimate children.

Lord J. Russell

said, he intended to bring in a bill in the couse of the present Session, by which he proposed to renew the powers of the commissioners, and to adopt some of the recommendations of the Poor-law Committee which sat last year. The bill would likewise give powers to the commissioners respecting unions formed under what was called Gilbert's Act; but it would not give them powers respecting parishes under local acts. He would also introduce other provisions in the bill, but not any alteration on the subject of the bastardy clauses. If he should hereafter deem such to be necessary, he would make it the subject of a separate bill.