HC Deb 14 March 1839 vol 46 cc709-10
Mr. Hume

moved for Returns of the number of persons who have visited the National Gallery in each month, from September 1835 to January 1839: also the amount of salary and perquisites, if any, received by each person employed, and the principle items of miscellaneous expenses under separate heads, in each of the two past years; also the average number of students who have attended on days of study:—Of the amount of money received for admission, and of the number of persons who visited the exhibition of the royal Acdemy of Arts in each of the years 1836, 1837, and 1838; distinguishing the entrance money from the proceeds by the sale of catalogues; together with the amount paid in salaries and perquisites to each person employed in that establishment in each of those years; also, the miscellaneous expenses under separate heads in each of these years; and the average number of students who have attended the Life School, and that of the Antique, in each of these years. (In continuation of the account of the President and Secretary of the Royal Academy of Arts in July, 1836.) Of the amount expended in the outfit of the Government School of Design at Somerset House; distinguishing the expense of repairs of the premises and the costs of objects for the accommodation and use of the students; stating the name of each person employed, and the amount of salary and allowance to each; and also the principal items of the miscellaneous expenses up to the 1st day of January, 1839; also the number of pupils who have attended the school in each month, the rates of pay for the admittance of pupils, and the amount received for the same period.

Sir Robert Inglis

said, that he had not opposed the production of the Returns last moved for, since the School of Design was supported entirely by grants from this House: but the case was different in respect to the Royal Academy. And he wished to know the grounds on which the hon. Member desired to ascertain the mode in which the Royal Academy expended their own funds?

Mr. Hume

said, that the hon. Baronet need not be uneasy, since the returns, which he required, were only in continuation of those which the President of the Royal Academy, Sir Martin Shee, had himself delivered to the committee on the arts two or three years ago.

House Adjourned.