HC Deb 14 June 1839 vol 48 c222

Bill. Read a third time:—Bills of Exchange. Petitions presented. By Lords Dungannon, Hotham, Sandon, Ashley, Stanley, the Earl of Lincoln, Sirs R. Peel, R. Inglis, J. Graham, W. Follett, G. Clerk, C. Burrell, Messrs. Freshfield, Hindley, Alsager, Wynn, Pakington, Law, Darby, Kemble, Acland, Pusey, B. Baring, Gladstone, and a number of other Members, from an Immense number of places, against the Ministerial plan for National Education.—By Messrs. Wyse, A. Whyte, P. Thomson, Hindley, C. Lushington, Divett, Pryme, Buller, and Sir Stephen Lushington, from a number of places, in favour of the Government plan for National Education.