HC Deb 07 June 1839 vol 48 c81

Petitions presented:—By Mr. KEMBLE, from Dulwich, against a clause in the Prisons Bill.—By Sir C. FILMER, Sir E. KNATCHBULL, and Mr. GREENE, from a number of places, against the Government plan, for National Education.—By Mr. MILES, from a place, against the Jamaica Bill.—By Sir G. GREY, from a place in Scotland, for measures to secure the printing correct versions of the Scriptures.—By Mr. ESTCOURT, from some place, against the Ecclesiastical Duties and Revenues Bill.—By Lord DUNGANNON, from Birmingham, for Church Extension in Canada—By Sir E. KNATCHBULL, and Mr. Hodges, from the Fruit Growers of Kent, for protection against the Foreign Grower.—By Colonel PERCEVAL, from Sligo, against the conduct of Sheriffs, in the returning of Juries.—By Mr. P. THOMSON, from Manchester and Salford, against the proposed alterations in the Beer Act; also, for facilitating Inland Bonding.— By Mr. R. STEUART, Mr. PACKE, Mr. KEMBLE, Lords MORPETH, and DUNGANNON, Mr. BAINES, Sir THOMAS FREMANTLE, SIR JAMES GRAHAM, and Captain PECHELL from two places, for a Penny Postage.