HC Deb 20 July 1839 vol 49 c585

House in Committee on the Factories Bill. Amendment proposed.

Mr. W. T. Egerton

thought it unfair that the silk manufacturers should be brought under the operation of this bill all at once, without its having been submitted to their consideration.

Mr. Baines

thought it desirable that the bill should be suffered to stand over to another Session, when they could discuss it with more deliberation than it was possible to do now. He was persuaded, that this legislation, which was to be final, would give satisfaction to no party.

Lord G. Somerset

hoped the bill would be proceeded with this Session.

Sir J. Graham

wished that an opportunity should be given to the manufacturers in remote parts of the country to see the bill as amended. It would be for her Majesty's Ministers to consider whether, at so late a period as that, they could proceed with so important a measure. He thought it ought not to be proceeded with till the manufacturers in the distant parts of the country had had an opportunity of considering it.

Mr. F. Maule

thought it advisable that the bill should be proceeded with this Session. The manufacturers generally were anxious for a bill settling the law; and from the opinions he had heard respecting this bill, he believed they generally did not object to it. With regard to the introduction of silk and lace manufactories into the bill, that was an amendment which the noble Lord, the Member for Dorsetshire, had proposed; and he, (Mr. F. Maule), thought, that it would be better perhaps to postpone the operation of the bill on them till next Session, because, hitherto those branches of manufactures had not been included in the Factories' Bill.

House resumed.

Bill reported with amendments. Committee to sit again.