HC Deb 20 February 1839 vol 45 c696
Lord Granville Somerset

wished to ask the President of the Board of Trade whether it were his intention to move for a Select Committee, or to introduce a measure regulating conveyance by Railways? It was quite necessary before the House proceeded with any Railway Acts that the House should come to some resolution as to the propriety of enacting more stringent measures for rendering the Railway Companies responsible for injuries occasioned by the neglect and carelessness of their servants.

Mr. P. Thomson

could not positively say what the intentions of Ministers were as to this subject but he was willing to say it was worthy the consideration of the House, and that circumstances had lately been brought to his knowledge, convincing him that it was important, either by the appointment of a Select Committee, or by the introduction of a Government measure, to discuss the propriety of making some regulations, which had formerly been neglected—not through any fault of his, but through the current of public feeling being then against such regulations; he would certainly give the question the best consideration in his power. He thought it would be impossible in the Committees on Private Bills, to introduce the necessary additional regulations; for those Committees were in general occupied by private interests, and the public interests were too much neglected. It was, therefore, essential that the House itself should consider the subject: and on any applications for new Rail-way Bills, or applications for enlarged powers, by the promoters of railway schemes, to effect such alterations as would save the public from the great inconveniences to which they have been subjected by the Railway Companies.

Subject dropped.

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