HC Deb 19 August 1839 vol 50 c420
Sir F. Trench

moved the following Resolution:— That it is the opinion of this House, that the expenses of the experiments made under the direction of the Bude-light committee, ought to be paid by the Treasury, and that Mr. Gurney should receive such remuneration as the Lords of the Treasury may deem an adequate compensation for the devotion of his time and talents to the service of this House; and that it is unbecoming the dignity of Parliament, that his remuneration should be dependent on the success or failure of experiments made by order of a committee of this House.

The Speaker

informed the hon. Baronet that his resolution was informal. The subject could not be gone into without a previous message from the Crown.

Mr. Hume

would take the opportunity of denying, that the committee had objected to Mr. Gurney's experiment being paid for by the public. On the contrary, the committee had provided for the payment of every farthing. While on the subject, he would observe, that a man more single-minded, or more anxious for the advancement of science, than Mr. Gurney, did not exist. The hon. Member read several testimonials in favour of the Bude-light, from the evidence given before the committee.

Sir F. Trench

withdrew his resolution.

The House then adjourned.