HC Deb 29 April 1839 vol 47 c626

Bills. Read a second time:—Purchasers Protection; Sewers.—Read a first time:—Exchequer Bills.

Petitions presented. By Messrs. DUFFIELD, DENNISON, BAINES, RAIKES, CURRIE, M. PHILIPS, WAKLEY, DUNDAS, and A. WHITE, from a great number of places, for a Uniform Penny Postage.—By Mr. O. GORE, from the county of Salop, against the Bastardy Clauses in the New Poor-law Act.—By Sir W. SOMERVILLE, from Donegal, for Corporate Reform; and Extension of the Franchise in Ireland.—By Mr. RICKARDS, from several places, against the Ecclesiastical Duties and Revenues Bill.—By Mr. KINNAIRD, from several places, against any further Grant to the Scotch Church; and from two places, in favour of the Prisons (Scotland) Bill.—By Lord FRANCIS EGERTON, from Frome, in favour of the Rating of Small Tenements Bill.—By Mr. WYNN, from Montgomeryshire, against the Repeal of the Corn-laws. By Mr. M. PHILIPS, from the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, for Reducing the Duty on Raw Cotton.