HC Deb 09 May 1838 vol 42 c1029

Petitions presented. By Sir G. STRICKLAND, from Wakefield, by Mr. WILLIAM EVANS, from Leicestershire, by Sir H. VIVIAN, from Cornwall, by Mr. RICE, from Dover, by Mr. WHITE, from Sunderland, by Mr. ROCHE, from the city of Limerick, by Mr. HUME, from Cupar (Fifeshire), by Mr. BAINES, from the Town-council of Leeds, from Sudbury, and from a place in the county of Hants, by Mr. BROTHERTON, from various Congregations in Salford, and by Mr. PEASE, from places in Somersetshire, Norfolk, and Fifeshire, for the Immediate Abolition of Negro Slavery.—By Mr. MARSLAND, from Stockport, for the Government to use their influence to put down the Foreign Slave Trade.—By Lord C. MANNERS, from Ashby de la Zoueh, by the Marquess of CHANDOS, from Buckinghamshire and from Aylesbury, by Mr. D. BROWNE, from Ballinagh, by Mr. HEATHCOTE, from the county of Lincoln, and by Sir C. B. VERE, several from Suffolk, against the Bonded Corn Bill.—By Sir G. STRICKLAND, from millers of the city of London, in favour of the Bonded Corn Bill; and from Halifax, for alteration in the Factories Act.—By Mr. BAINES, from Dissenters in Leeds, and from a place in the county of York, against the endowment of the Scotch Church; and from the pawnbrokers of Leeds, against the British Pledge Society.—By Mr. ROUND, from a place in the county of Essex, and by Lord ROBERT MANNERS, from seven parishes in Leicestershire and two in Derbyshire, that any surplus revenues of the Church should be applied to religious education.—By Lord DALMENY, from Edinburgh, against, and from Glasgow, in favour of, endowment of the Church of Scotland.—By Mr. HUME, from the Messrs, Childs, printers, and from authors and others, and by Mr. W. S. O'BRIEN, from the letter-press printers of Dublin, against the Copyright Bill.—By Sir ROBERT BATESON, from the clergy and diocese of Derry, against the system of national education; and from the mayor and corporation of Londonderry, against the Poor-law Bill.—By Captain JONES, from the Archbishop and clergy of Armagh, against the Irish Tithe Bill; also, a Petition against the present system of National Education, and against the Irish Tithe Bill.—By Mr. GOULBURN, from parties interested, against the Ecclesiastical Courts (Ireland) Bill.—And by Mr. GILLION, from Leith, in favour of the Spirit Licences (Scotland) Bill.

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