HC Deb 14 March 1838 vol 41 cc898-9

The Order of the Day for the second reading of the Election Expenses Bill having been moved,

Mr. Hume

proceeded to explain the provisions of the bill. It comprised two points, first, to declare what the legal expenses ought to be, so as to prevent the possibility of disputes. The second point was to make a provision for expenses that were not already provided for. There was another point. It was considered necessary to remove doubt as to the postage of writs and returns. At present the writ was sent down by post, but it was considered necessary to send up the re- turn in a chaise and four. Now he thought it was as important to provide for the safe arrival of the writ as that it should be sent up with care after the return had been made. It was proposed that the expense in this respect should be done away with. The hon. Member was proceeding to explain other provisions of the bill, when

The House was counted out.