HC Deb 13 March 1838 vol 41 c823

Bill. Read a second time:—Dissenters Declaration.

Petitions presented. By Mr. GRIMSDITCH, from Macclesfield, by Mr. C. LUSHINGTON, from two places in Suffolk, and by Mr. GILLON, from Kilmarnock, and Auchtermuchtie, for the abolition of Negro Apprenticeship.—By Mr. C. LUSHINGTON, from the Members of the Secession Presbyterian Church of Stirling and Falkirk, against fresh grants to the Scotch Church.—By Mr. WILBERFORCE, from Hull, for Foreign Corn to be ground into Flour.—By Sir EDMUND S. HAYES, from a place in Ireland, for a system of National Education.—By Sir W. SOMERVILLE, from Canterbury, against the Municipal Boundaries Bill.—By Mr. GILLON, from Kilmarnock, for the abolition of the Corn-laws.—By Mr. CRAWFORD, from Merchants, Shipowners, and others in the city of London, to be relieved from the Monopoly of the Coal Trade.—By Sir W. SOMERVILLE, from Canterbury, for the abolition of the duty on Soap.—By Sir ROBERT BATESON, from the Clergy of the Diocese of Down, against the system of National Education in Ireland.