HC Deb 09 March 1838 vol 41 c729

Bills. Read a first time:—Glass Duties' collection; Post-Office Government.

Petitions presented. By Lord CASTLEREAGH, from the Corporation of Bangor, and by Mr. SHAW, from the High Sheriff and Grand Jury of Wexford, against certain clauses in the Irish Poor-law Bill.—By the Earl of SHELBURNE, from Calne, by Mr. LISTER, from parishes in the East Riding of the county of York, by Mr. SCHOLEFIELD, from three Congregations of Protestant Dissenters in Birmingham, by Mr. BURROUGHS, from numerous places in Norfolk, by Mr. WRIGHTSON, from Northallerton, by Mr. PENDARVES, from various parts of Cornwall, by Mr. WILSON PATTEN, from Ramsbottom, and two other places in Lancashire, by Mr. SANFORD, from the Society of Friends, and four Dissenting Congregations in Bridgewater, and from Chard, and other places in the county of Somerset, by Mr. HEATHCOTE, from various parts of Lincolnshire, by Mr. GODDARD, from Cricklade, and by Mr. BAINES, from a place in the county of Cambridge, for the abolition of Negro Apprenticeship.—By Mr. GODSON, from Kidderminster, against the Rating of Tenements' Bill—By Mr. HOWARD, from Arklow, in favour of the Poor Relief (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. COLQUHOUN, from Dumbarton, for an improved system of Education in Scotland.—By Colonel CONOLLY, from the Diocese of Clogher, for the restoration of the ten suppressed Sees in Ireland.—By Sir E. KNATCHBULL, from Stage-coach proprietors, complaining of the heavy taxation to which they are liable as compared with the taxation on Steam Conveyances; and from Walmer and Sandwich, against the Municipal Boundaries' Bill.—fly Mr. P. MILES, from the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the city of Bristol, for a reduction in the duties on the admission of Freemen.—By Mr. CHUTE, from a Board of Guardians in Norfolk, in favour of the Rating of Tenements' Bill.—By Mr. CHALMERS, from Arbroath and other places, and by Mr. ELLIOT, from the Secession Churches of Kelso and Roxburgh, against any additional grants to the Church of Scotland; and for a system of Education which should recognize no distinctions on religious grounds.—By Mr. PLUMPTRE, from inhabitants of Blackheath, against admitting Catholics to Parliament.—By Mr. HUME, from Finglassie, in the county of Fife, against the Corn-laws,