HC Deb 19 July 1838 vol 44 cc372-5
Viscount Morpeth

moved the third reading of the County of Clare Treasurer Bill.

Mr. Goulburn

wished to know what were the peculiar circumstances in this case, which justified the Legislature in advancing a sum of money to the county of Clare?

Lord Morpeth

said, that in consequence of the defalcations of the treasurer, application had been made to Government for a loan, to which application the Government had acceded, fixing the interest at four per cent.

Lord G. Somerset

said, he could see no reason why the Legislature should interfere on behalf of the county of Clare, any more than on behalf of the parish of St. George. He thought it was setting a bad precedent.

Viscount Morpeth

said, that there were not the same facilities in the county of Clare, as in the parish of St. George, for raising money.

The House divided:—Ayes 57; Noes 61:—Majority 4.

List of the AYES
Adam, Admiral Lushington, C.
Baines, E. Lynch, A. H.
Bannerman, A. Macnamara, W.
Barrington, Lord Mildmay, P.
Bellew, R. M. Morpeth, Lord
Bridgeman, H. O'Brien, W. S.
Brotherton, J. O'Connell, M. J.
Bruges, W. H. L. Palmer, G.
Craig, W. G. Parker, J.
Curry, W. Perceval, Col.
Dalmeny, Lord Pinney, W.
Divett, E. Price, Sir R.
Dunbar, G. Pryme, G.
Elliot, hon. J. E. Roche, Sir D.
Ferguson, Sir R. Sheil, R. L.
Fleetwood, Sir P. Smith, B.
Hastie, A. Smith, R. V.
Hayter, W. G. Stanley, E. J.
Hill, Lord A. M. C. Thomson, C. P.
Hodges, T. L Thornley, T.
Hollond, R. Townley, R. G.
Howard, Sir R. Verner, Col.
Hurst, R. H. Vigors, N. A.
Hutt, W. Wilshere, W.
Hutton, R. Wood, C.
James, W. Wood, G. W.
Jones, T. Yates, J. A.
Kinnaird, hon. A. TELLERS.
Langdale, hon. C. Steuart, R
Lucas, E. O'Ferrall, R. M.
List of the NOES.
A'Court, Capt. Filmer, Sir E.
Aglionby, H. A. Finch, F.
Baring, H. B. Forester, hon. G.
Blackstone, W. S. Gillon, W. D.
Blair, J. Goulburn, H.
Broadley, H. Graham, Sir J.
Bruce, Lord E. Grant, F. W.
Bryan, G. Grimsditch, T.
Burrell, Sir C. Hawes, B.
Chute, W. L. W. Hobhouse, T. B.
Clayton, Sir W. Hogg, J. W.
Codrington, C. W. Hope, hon. C.
Codrington, Adm. Hume, J.
Collins, W. Kemble, H.
Darby, G. Knight, H. G.
Dick, Q. Knightley, Sir C.
Douglas, Sir C. E. Lockhart, A.
East, J. B. Lowther, J. H.
Easthope, J. Mackenzie, T.
Eaton, R. J. Martin, J.
Egerton, W. T. Monypenny, T.
Fector, J. M. Morris, D.
Neeld, J. Sinclair, Sir G.
Parker, R. T. Somerset, Lord G.
Pattison, J. Thomson, Alderman
Perceval, hon. G. J. Trench, Sir F.
Philips, M. Wallace, R.
Philips, G. R. Warburton, H.
Rushbrooke, Col.
Rushout, G. TELLERS
Salwey, Colonel Inglis, Sir R. H.
Sibthorp, Colonel Hodgson, R.
Viscount Morpeth

gave notice, that he should move the third reading of the bill on the next day.

Sir G. Sinclair

protested against the course proposed by the noble Lord. The House having decidedly expressed its opinion, the bill ought not to be pressed further.

Viscount Morpeth

said, the usual amendment, that the bill be read this day three months not having been made, it was competent to him to move, that it be read a third time to-morrrow. He had given notice of his intention, thinking it fairer after what had occurred, to do so; but he might have made the motion to-morrow, as a matter of course. He could assure the House, that if this were, in any respect, a party question, he should acquiesce in the decision; but as it affected several poor road contractors in Clare, men who were in a destitute condition, he begged the House would again take it into their consideration. There were about 17,000l. due to these poor men, owing to the default of the treasurer, for work performed by them during the last year and a half, under the expectation that they would be punctually paid. The county was too poor to raise the money immediately, and the Government proposed to advance it on sufficient security.

Sir J. Graham

admitted, that the money due to these poor men must be made good, but not by England, or Scotland, or Ireland, but by the county of Clare itself. Why did not the wealthier ratepayers of the county come forward, and make some arrangement. They might obtain the money on account. He did not object to the noble Lord moving the third reading of the bill to-morrow, but he should oppose the motion.

Lord Morpeth

said, that a similar advance was made some years ago to the county of Tyrone.