HC Deb 16 January 1838 vol 40 c7

Petitions presented. By Mr. BROTHERTON, from Tenby, for the more speedy recovery of Small Debts.—By Mr. G. F. YOUNG, from North Shields, for the repeal of the Posting and Mileage duties; and from the Ship-owners of Newcastle, for a repeal of the duties on Marine Insurances.—By Mr. HUME, from the Brentford Political Union, for conciliatory measures towards the Canadians.—By Lord MORPETH, from Osset (Yorkshire), to prohibit children under nine years of age from working in Factories.—By Lord DALMENY, from Stirling, for the repeal of the Window-tax.—By Mr. DIVETT, from 1,500 Tavern-keepers, for the repeal of the Window-tax, and the taxes on Innkeepers' Servants.