HC Deb 08 February 1838 vol 40 cc889-90
Lord Eliot

wished to ask a question of the President of the Board of Trade. As, however, he did not see that right hon. Gentleman in his place, perhaps some other Member of the Government would be able to give him an answer. He had seen it stated, that it was the intention of the French Government to impose a considerable additional duty on linen and cotton yarn imported into France from this country, and he wished to know whether there was any truth in that statement; and, if true, whether her Majesty's Government had taken any steps for the defence of the interests of this country?

Mr. Labouchere

replied, it was undoubtedly true, that there was a probability of an increased duty being imposed by the French Government on linen and cotton yarn exported from this country into France. The Government of this country had made representations on this subject to the Government of France; but he was bound to say, that there was no reason to believe, that there was any chance of the Government of France acceding to those representations.

Mr. Hume

wished to ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, whether it was his intention to propose any reduction in the duty on the importation of French brandy into this country. It was hardly consistent for this country to complain of the French Government putting a duty of 100 per cent. on British produce, while we levied a duty of 700 per cent. on an important article of French exportation.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer

said, it did not follow, that because France proposed to increase the duty on an article of British produce, we should reduce the duty on an article of French production. He did not consider such a mode of argument logical. In reply to the question which had been put to him, he would only answer, that he had no intention of proposing any reduction of the duty on French brandy imported into this country.