HC Deb 07 February 1838 vol 40 c837

Mr. Poulett Thomson moved the second reading of the Banking Co-partnership Bill.

Sir E. Sugden

thought this bill ought not to be passed without the public being satisfied that it had attracted the attention of both sides of the House. He thought it a dangerous precedent to come to this House for a remedy against a judicial decision. Nothing, generally speaking, could be worse than such a course, but in this case where the mischief arose from a technical point, he entirely agreed in the necessity of an immediate remedy, having a retrospective operation. The right hon. the Chancellor of the Exchequer, on a former evening had said, that it was intended in the Benefices Pluralities' Bill to provide as to the trading of clergymen. He had referred to that bill, but did not find any such provisions, and he trusted that some means would be taken to enable clergymen to embark their capital in fitting mercantile speculations. As regarded the proceedings still pending, he thought the clause relating to costs ought, instead of being discretionary, to be positive, and the party declared to be entitled to his costs, as he would be if the proceedings went on.

The Solicitor General

concurred with the right hon. Gentleman on the great importance and delicacy of this measure, and said, that the suggestions thrown out would receive the fullest attention on the part of the Government.

Bill read a second time.