HC Deb 06 August 1838 vol 44 cc1015-7

The Lords' Amendments to the Pluralities Bill were taken into consideration.

Mr. Aglionby

moved the restitution of what had been Clause three in the original bill, and which was omitted by the Lords. The object of the Clause was, to prevent persons holding a benefice of the amount of 1,000l. yearly value from holding along with it another of 500l. yearly value, and vice versâ, and by its omission, there would be no legal objection to persons holding two such pieces of preferment as Stanhope and Durham together.

Lord J. Russell

agreed that the Clause was a very useful Clause, and regretted its omission. Hereafter it might be proper and necessary to legislate on the subject, but at present he was not inclined to disagree with the Lords' Amendment in this particular.

The House divided: Ayes 28; Noes 54:—Majority 26.

List of the AYES.
Archbold, R. O'Connell, M. J.
Brotherton, J. Pechell, Capt.
Brownrigg, S. Phillips, M.
Bryan, G. Pryme, G.
Codrington, A. Redington, T. N.
Currie, R. Somers, J. P.
Curry, W. Somerville, Sir W. M.
Divett, E. Style, Sir C.
Douglas, Sir C. E. Thornely, T.
Finch, F. Wallace, R.
Hector, C. J. Warburton, H.
Hill, Lord A. M. Yates, J. A.
Hutton, B.
Kinnaird, hon. A. TELLERS.
Lushington, C. Aglionby, H. A.
Morris, D. Hawes, B.
List of the NOES.
Alston, R. Macleod, R.
Anson, Col. Mahon, Lord
Ashley, Lord Maule, hon. F.
Baker, E. Maule, W. H.
Blackburne, I. Morpeth, Lord
Broadwood, H. Murray, J. A.
Bruce, Lord E. Palmerston, Lord
Campbell, Sir J. Parker, R. T.
Chute, W. L. W. Perceval, Col.
Clayton, Sir W. Praed, W. M.
Eliot, Lord Praed, W. T.
Estcourt, T. Rice, rt. hon. T. S.
Ferguson, Sir R. Richards, R.
Freshfield, J. W. Rolfe, Sir R. M.
Gladstone, W. E. Russell, Lord J.
Harvey, D. W. Sandon, Lord
Hayter, W. G. Somerset, Lord G.
Hodgson, R. Stanley, E. J.
Hope, G. W. Stock, Dr.
Hotham, Lord Surrey, Earl
Inglis, Sir R. H. Thomson, G. P.
Kemble, H. Thornhill, G.
Labouchere, H. Vere, Sir C. B.
Lemon, Sir C. Verner, Col.
Lincoln, Earl of Wood, Sir M.
Lowther, J. H.
Lygon, hon. Gen. O'Ferrall, M.
Lynch, A. H. Steuart, R.

Amendment agreed to.

On the Lords' amendment for the omission of clause 62, relating to the appointment of additional curates in parishes where further spiritual aid was required, and where the expenses of such appointment were to be defrayed by the parishioners,

Mr. Hawes

wished for the restoration of the clause and he moved to disagree with the Lords. The clause had received the general assent of the House of Commons, and ought not to be omitted.

Lord John Russell

admitted, that the clause was generally approved of by that House, but as it appeared from the discussion in another place that it might excite great jealousy amongst the curates originally appointed, he should support its omission.

The House divided, on Mr. Hawes' motion, Ayes 26; Noes 46;—Majority 20

List of the AYES.
Bowes, J. Pechell, Capt.
Brotherton, J. Phillips, M.
Bryan, G. Ponsonby, hon. J.
Clements, Lord Power, J.
Codrington, Adm. Pryme, G.
Currie, R. Somerville, Sir W. M.
Divett, E. Stock, Dr.
Duke, Sir J. Style, Sir C.
Finch, F. Tollemache, F. J.
Fitzroy, Lord C. Vigors, N. A.
Hector, C. J. Yates, J. A.
Hutton, R.
Lefevre, C. S. TELLERS.
Lushington, Dr. Aglionby, H. A.
Lushington, C. Hawes, B.
List of the NOES.
Acland, Sir T. D. Murray, J. A.
Bellew, R. M. Parker, R. T.
Blennerhassett, A. Parnell, Sir H.
Byng, rt. hon. G. S. Price, Sir R.
Dalmeny, Lord Rice, rt. hon. T. S.
Eaton, R. J. Richards, R.
Ellis, J. Rolfe, Sir R. M.
Estcourt, T. Russell, Lord J.
Etwall, R. Sandon, Lord
Fergusson, Sir R. Seymour, Lord
Freshfield, J. W. Shaw, F.
Gladstone, W. E. Stanley, E. J.
Gordon, Capt. Stuart, R.
Hodgson, R. Surrey, Earl of
Hogg, J. W. Thomson, C. P.
Howard, P. H. Turner, E.
Inglis, Sir R. H. Vere, Sir C.
Jones, T. Vivian, J. E.
Kemble, H. Wood, C.
Lemon, Sir C. Wood, Sir M.
Lucas, E. Wood, T.
Maclean, D.
Macleod, R. TELLERS.
Maule, hon. F. Parker, J.
Morpeth, Lord Troubridge, Sir T.

Lords amendment agreed to.

The other clauses of to the Bill were agreed to, and a Committee was named to confer with the Lords upon differing from their amendments.