HC Deb 26 April 1838 vol 42 c597
Mr. Willshere

said, that he begged to call the attention of the House to a discussion which had taken place yesterday evening, connected with the Great Yarmouth election. A petition had been presented by a right hon. Gentleman opposite, from Mr. Baker, the agent of the petitioners against the return, in which it was alleged, that Mr. Barth, the mayor, and returning officer, had absented himself with the poll-books, in order to defeat the case of the petitioners. Now to his (the hon. Member's) astonishment, the first person whom he met this evening, on coming to the House, was Mr. Barth himself, who assured him that he had had no intention to evade the order of the House. To his own knowledge, Mr. Barth was very largely engaged in business all over the country, and obliged, in consequence, to pass very suddenly from one place to another; but he was quite convinced that Mr. Barth would be the last person to do anything in the slightest way dishonourable, or tending to defeat the course of justice.

Subject dropped.

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