HC Deb 09 April 1838 vol 42 c479

Bill. Read a third time:—Slavery Abolition Act Amendment.

Petitions presented. By General SHARPE, from Kircudbright, by Lord J. STUART, from Campbeltown, and two other places, by Mr. C. LUSHINGTON, from the Edinburgh Young Men's Voluntary Church Association, by Mr. ELLIOT, from Kelso, and by Mr. E. ELLICE, jun., from Melrose, and other places, against additional Endowments to the Church of Scotland.—By Mr. STRUTT, from Derby, against Pluralities.—By Mr. CURRY, from Tyrone, for protection to the Linen Trade; and from Slewater-town, against the Irish Poor-law Bi11.—By Colonel SIBTHORP, from Lincoln, for the maintenance of Church Property.—By Lord TEIGNMOUTH, from Marylebone, for applying Church Property to strictly Ecclesiastical purposes.—By Mr. P. HOWARD, Mr. O'CONNELL, and Mr. THORNLEY, from the Letter-press Printers of Wolverhampton, Carlisle, and three other places, against Mr. Sergeant Talfourd's Copyright Bill.—By Sir G. STRICKLAND, from certain operatives and parents of children in Yorkshire, for alterations in the Factory Act.—By Lord ELIOT, from John George of the city of Cork, for the appointment of a Committee to investigate the merits of his Steam War Chariot.—By Lord STANLEY, from the Ulverstone Board of Guardians, against the Bastardy Clause of the Poor-law Amendment Act.—By Mr. ORMSLY GORE, from places in Shropshire, for the Abolition of Negro Apprenticeship.—By Mr. BAINES, from Licensed Victuallers of Leeds, for the establishment of Bonded Warehouses in inland towns.—By Mr. LUCAS, from the Grand Jury of Monaghan, for extending relief to able-bodied Paupers.