HC Deb 06 April 1838 vol 42 c453

Petitions presented. By Sir ROBERT BATSON, from Belfast, by Mr. HARVEY, from Ashton-under-Lyne, and Welshpool, by Mr. BAINES, from Mirfield, and other places in Yorkshire, by Mr. BROTHERTON, from places in Lancashire, by Sir G. STRIOKLAND, from several places in Yorkshire, and by Mr. CAYLEV, and Mr. AGLIONBY, from several places, for the Immediate Abolition of Negro Apprenticeship—By Mr. BAINES, from Congregations in Scotland, against the grant of any additional Endowments to the Scotch Church.—By Sir R. BATESON, from the county of Londonderry, against the Irish Poor-Law.—By Mr. COLOUHOUN, from Kirkaldy, for Endowments to the Scotch Church.—By Mr. TOWNLEY PARKER, from Preston, complaining of Duties on English Goods in France and Belgium.