HC Deb 30 May 1837 vol 38 c1101

Petitions presented. By Mr. POULTER, from Dorsetshire, against Coroners Expenses Bill.—By Sir J. TYRRELL and other hon. MEMBERS, from Saffron Walden and other places, against parts of New Poor-law Bill. By Lord SANDON, from Liverpool, and Mr. PLUMPTREE, from Shcerness, for the better Observance of the Sabbath. —By Mr. VESEY, from various places, against the Irish National System of Education; and against any further grants to Maynooth College.—By several hon. MEMBERS, from various places, expressive of confidence in his Majesty's Ministers.—By Sir GEORGE CLERK, from the general Assembly of the Church of Scotland, against registration of Births and Marriages (Scotland) Bill; and against Clandestine Marriages (Scotland) Bill.—By Sir A. L. HAY, from Portsay, for Burghs of Barony Bill.—By Lord ASHLEY, from various places, against the Ministerial plan for the abolition of Church-rates.