HC Deb 23 May 1837 vol 38 c980

Petitions presented. By Mr. ALSTON, from a place in Hertfordshire, that the owners of cottages might be exempted from the payment of Poor-rates; and from Puckeridge and another place in the same county, in favour of the Ministerial Measure for the abolition of Church-rates.—By Sir ROBERT BATESON, from inhabitants of Con naught, against the present system of National Education in Ireland.—By Mr. O. GORE, from inhabitants of Llangollen, against the Ministerial plan for the abolition of Church-rates.—By Mr. WILKS, front various places, in support of the Ministerial Measure.—By Sir W. MOLKSWORTH, from Gallashiels and other places, in favour of Vote by Ballot, Universal Suffrage, and Annual Parliaments.—By Mr. HAWES, from the members of the Bar, that the Library of the British Museum might be opened in the Evening.—By Major CURTEIS, from Rye, in favour of the Sabbath Observance Bill—By Mr. HASTIE, from Paisley, complaining of distress among the working classes there.—By Lord CHANDOS, from a place in Nottinghamshire, against the Ministerial Measure on Church-rates.—By Mr. WAKLEY, from Kettering, in Northamptonshire, in favour of the abolition of Church-rates; also against the Poor-law Bill.—By Major C. BRUCE, from a congregation at Inverness, in favour of the Sabbath Observance Bill.—By Mr. GREENE, from places in Surrey, against the Ministerial Church-rates Bill.—By Mr. WALLACE, from Presbyterian congregations at Mansfield and another place, against Church-rates.—By Mr. SANDERSON, from a Board of Guardians at Colchester, that the Poor-rates of all tenements rented above 9l. might be paid by the landlords.—By Mr. T. DUNCOMBE, from the parish of St. Clement Danes, for an equalisation of the Land-tax.—By Mr. PEASE and Lord G. SOMERSET, the former in favour of, and the latter against, the Ministerial Measure for the abolition of Church-rates.

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