HC Deb 10 May 1837 vol 38 cc788-90

Mr. Mackinnon moved the second reading of the Turnpike Trusts Bill.

Lord Worsley

objected to the measure, and moved that it be read a second time that day six months.

Mr. Mackinnon

urged the House to agree to the second reading, for he believed that no objection could be urged against the measure which it would not be in their power to obviate in Committee. The question which the House had to decide was simply this—whether it was or was not desirable that the population of counties should govern themselves as regarded the public roads, or give the tremendous power which the opponents of the Bill proposed should be given, to a board appointed by whoever might be the Ministers for the time being.

Mr. F. Maule

contended that the best guarantee for the proper management of the public roads would be to vest that management in the hands of persons appointed by and under the control of the executive Government.

Mr. Goulburn

suggested to his hon. Friend who had brought forward the Bill that he should withdraw it, and present it at a future period in a form likely to be wore acceptable to the House.

Amendment and Bill withdrawn.