HC Deb 13 March 1837 vol 37 c294

Petitions presented. By Mr. W. PATTEN, Mr. O. KNIGHT, Viscount MAHON, and several other Hon. MEMBERS, from a great number of places, against the Abolition of Church-rates.—By Sir R. PRICE, Viscount EBRINGTON, and other Hon. MEMBERS, from various places, for the Abolition of Church-rates.—By Sir HENRY PARNELL, from Dundee, for the Repeal of Duty on Marine Insurances. —By Mr. WILLIAM MILES and Colonel SEALE, from Clifton, Dartmouth, and Hardness, for Repeal of Duty on Fire Insurances.—By Colonel SEALE, from Easengwold, for Repeal of Duty on Soap.—By Mr. PUSSEY, from the Parochial Clergymen of Ware, for rendering it imperative to the Board of Guardians, to assign sufficient Salaries to duly appointed Chaplains to Workhouses; and from the Guardians of the Wantage Union, against Repeal of Poor-law Act.—By Sir GEORGE STRICKLAND and Mr. HARDY, from Rastuck, Bradford, York, and Keighley, for Amendment of Poor-law Act.