HC Deb 03 March 1837 vol 36 c1207

Petitions presented. By Mr. FORSTER, Captain ALSAGER, Sir J. MORDAUNT, Mr. EATON, Lord NORREYS, Captain BOLDERO, Mr. J. STEWART, Mr. G. PALMER, Mr. BARING WALL, Mr. BRAMSTON, Mr. BLACKSTONE, Mr. ESTCOURT, General LYGON, Sir J. BECKETT, Mr. MACKINNON, Mr. HALFORD, Mr. WODEHOUSE, Sir W.GEARY, Mr. PLUMPTRE, Mr. C. Ross, Mr. BAGOT, Sir R. INGLIS, Sir C. BURRELL, Mr. HALSE, Mr. BARNEBY, the Marquess of CHANDOS, Mr. W. M. PRAED, Mr. CRIPPS, Sir HENRY SMYTH, Colonel RUSHBROKE, Mr. ARTHUR TREVOR, Mr. GREENE, Sergeant BLACKBURNE, Mr. HOULDSWORTH, Mr. WILSON JONES, Mr. MONTAGU PARKER, Sir EDWARD KNATCHBULL, Sir R. VIVIAN, Mr. H. VIVIAN, Lord Visc. GRIMSTON, Mr. T. GLADSTONE, Mr. WM. DUNCOMBE, Sir C. LEMON, Sir R. SIMEON, Mr. NORTH, Lord G. SOMERSET, Lord ASHLEY, Mr. ELWES, Mr. G. KNIGHT, Colonel SIBTHORP, Sir R. PEEL, the Earl of LINCOLN, Sir WM. FOLLETT, Mr. AARON CHAPMAN, Lord Viscount POLLINGTON, Mr. C. RUSSELL, and other Hon. MEMBERS, from Salford, Warwick, Blackmore, Doddinghurst, Leeds, and various other places, against the Abolition of Church Rates.—By Sir H. HARDINGE, from Penzance, for the Repeal of Duty on Soap.—By Mr. Fox MAULE, from Perth, for the Repeal of the Duty on Cotton Wool.—By Mr. STRUTT, from the Baptists of Derby, for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By Captain G. FERGUSSON, from Banff, for Alteration of Salmon Fisheries (Scotland) Bill.—By Colonel L. PARRY, from Carnarvon, complaining of the misappropriation of the Revenues of certain Welsh Livings, and against the Introduction to Bishoprics of Persons unacquainted with the Welsh Language.—By Lord DALMENY, from Stirling, against the creation of Fictitious Votes (Scotland).—By Mr. TOOKE, Colonel SEALE, Mr. BANNERMAN, Mr. LESTER, Mr. POTTER, Mr. LAMBTON, Mr. G. PHILLIPS, Mr. R. J. SMITH, Mr. BROTHERTON, Mr. C. LUSHINGTON, Mr. LAW HODGES, Mr. G. CAVENDISH, Mr. HURST, Mr. POULETT SCROPE, Mr. TURNER, Mr. MOSTYN, Mr. LENNARD, Mr. PRYME, Mr. MARK PHILLIPS, Mr. GILLON, Mr. BAINES, Mr. BOWES, Sir WM. FOLKES, Captain WEMYSS, Sir JACOB ASTLEY, Mr. WILKINS, Mr. WM. ORD, Mr. CRIPPS, Mr. GULLY, Mr. VERNON SMITH, Mr. HAWKINS, Mr. C. T. D'EYNCOURT, Mr. WALLACE, Mr. MAULE, Mr. HUME, Sir RONALD FERGUSSON, Mr. M'TAGGART, Mr. FRANCIS BARING, Mr. SANDFORD, Mr. THORNLEY, Mr. DANIEL GASKELL, Sir G. STRICKLAND, Sir R. PRICE, Mr. BARNARD, Lord JAMES STUART, Sir HEDWORTH WILLIAMSON, Mr. BENJAMIN SMITH, Mr. SHAW LEFEVRE, Mr. HASTIE, Mr. SCHOLEFIELD, Mr. ROBINSON, Mr. HARVEY, Mr. METHUEN, Mr. WARBURTON, Mr. T. S. DUNCOMBE, Mr. TANCRED, Mr. KEMYS TYNTE, Mr. LABOUCHERE, Mr. ALDERMAN HUMPHREY, Sir A. L. HAY, Mr. O'CONNELL, Mr. ALSTON, Mr. OSWALD, Mr. ROEBUCK, Mr. HINDLEY, Mr. BENETT, Mr. CAYLEY, Mr. HARLAND, Mr. PEASE, Lord WORSLEY, Colonel GORE LANGTON, Mr. ALDERMAN THOMPSON, Mr. HAWES, Mr. PARKER, Mr. BAINBRIDGE, Lord DALMENY, Mr. OLIPHANT, Mr. DIVETT, the ATTORNEY-GENERAL, Mr. C. WOOD, Mr. C. BULLER, Lord Viscount MORPETH, Lord Viscount EBRINGTON, Lord JOHN RUSSELL, and other Hon. MEMBERS, from Liverpool, Blackburn, Portsmouth, Wigtown, Bradford, Dartmouth, Aberdeen, Aylesbury, Foots Cray, Sevenoaks, Tenterden, Ramsgate, Northampton, Milford, Yarmouth, Nottingham, Dudley, and various other places, for the Abolition of Church Rates.

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