HC Deb 29 June 1837 vol 38 cc1702-4

Lord John Russell moved the committal of this Bill.

Sir Edward Knatchbull

objected at that period of the Session, and on the eve of a general election, to proceed with a Bill upon the merits of which there was so much diversity of opinion.

House divided:—Ayes 70, Noes 17: Majority 53.

List of the AYES.
Baines, Edward Dillwyn, Lewis Weston
Baring, F. Thornhill
Barry, Garrett Standish Donkin, Sir Rufane
Bernal, Ralph Duncombe, Thomas
Bowring, Dr. Dundas, hon. John C.
Brotherton, Joseph Ellice, rt. hon. Edw.
Byng, right hon. Geo. Stevens Fenton, John
Gordon, Robert
Callaghan, Daniel Grey, Sir George
Campbell, Sir John Grey, hon. Colonel
Chalmers, Patrick Grote, George
Chapman, Lowther Hawes, Benjamin
Curties, Herbert Barrett Hay, Sir Andrew Leith
Denison, J. Evelyn Hindley, Charles
Dennistoun, J. Hutt, William
Jephson, Charles D.O. Seale, Colonel
Labouchere right hon. Seymour, Lord
Henry Sheil, Richard Lalor
Lennox, Lord George Smith, Robert Vernon
Lennox, Lord Arthur Stanley, Edw. John
Maher, John Steuart, Robert
Morpeth, Viscount Strickland, Sir George
Mullins, Frederick William Strutt, Edward
Thompson, Colonel
Murray, right hon. John A. Tulk, Chas. Augustus
Vigors, Nicholas Aylward
Musgrave, Sir Richard
Parker, John Walker, Richard
Parnell, right hon. Sir Henry Wallace, Robert
Ward, Henry George
Pease, Joseph Whalley, Sir Samuel
Ponsonby, hon. John Wilbraham, George
Potter, Richard Williams, William
Power, James Winnington, H. J.
Price, Sir Rob. Wood, Charles
Rice, right hon. Thomas Spring Wood, Mr. Alderman
Woulfe, Mr. Sergeant
Rolfe, Sir Robert Monsey Wyse, Thomas
Russell, Lord John Mr. Hume
Scrope, Geo. Poulett Mr. Elphinstone.
List of the NOES.
Alsager, Captain Henniker, Lord
Barclay, Charles Inglis, Sir Rob. Harry
Canning, right hon. Sir Stratford Jones, Theobald
Mackinnon, Wm. A.
Clive, hon. Robert Henry Perceval, Colonel
Rushbrooke, Col.
Cole, Viscount Stanley, Lord
Duncombe, hon. A. Vere, Sir Charles Broke
Fox, Charles
Gaskell, Jas. Milnes
Goulburn, right hon. Henry TELLERS.
Sir Edw. Knatchbull
Goulburn, Mr. Sergeant Mr. Estcourt

House in Committee.

Lord Stanley

asked whether it was intended to extend the provisions of this Bill to Ireland?

Mr. R. Steuart

said, that the provisions of the Bill would not apply to the voting at elections in Ireland, but it was intended they should apply to all Irish election Committees.

Lord Stanley

observed, that if that was the case, he hoped the Committee would consider for a moment how injurious this Bill might possibly be to the parties before an Irish Election Committee, inasmuch as the system of Irish registration stood upon a very different footing from that which existed in England. It was admitted that the Irish registration was so defective that, except the matter were brought before a Committee of the House of Commons, it was impossible to obtain any relief whatever against fictitious votes, there being no appeal from the original decision of the barrister.

The Clauses of the Bill agreed to. The House resumed.