HC Deb 16 February 1837 vol 36 cc585-6
Sir Edward Knatchbull

would ask a question of the noble Lord opposite, touching the Act passed last year, for the Commutation of Tithes. An opinion had gone abroad, (hat his Majesty's Government had discovered several faults in the working of this Act, which they were disposed to remove, by introducing some remedial measure. Now, he wished to know whether the Government had any such intention?

Lord John Russell

was well aware that such a report had gone abroad, but from what sources it had issued, he could not conceive. The Commissioners had uniformly expressed their satisfaction with the present measure, and his Majesty's Government had certainly not received any information from other quarters, which would lead them to doubt the correctness of the opinion of those Gentlemen. He would therefore say, that the Government had no such intention as that alluded to by the right hon. Baronet.

Mr. Hodges

was compelled to express his regret at the reply of the noble Lord; there were clauses with respect to rating which required alteration.

Subject dropped.

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