HC Deb 23 December 1837 vol 39 cc1516-7
Lord John Russell

having moved, that the House, at its rising, should adjourn to Tuesday, the 16th day of January,

Lord G. Bentinck moved, as an amendment, that the House should be called over on Thursday, the 28th of December, He did not think it would become them to sleep over the Christmas holidays. It would be much more proper that the House should meet and be prepared unanimously to support the Government in any strong measures that might be necessary to put down the incipient rebellion in Canada. He thought the House ought to meet as soon as possible, and express its unanimous opinion to vote such supplies as would be sufficient to enable the Government to overwhelm this rebellion in its infancy. He therefore moved, that the House should adjourn to Thursday, the 28th of December, and be called over on that day.

The House divided on the original motion:—Ayes 44; Noes 7:—Majority 37.