HC Deb 13 December 1837 vol 39 cc1060-1
Mr. Sergeant Jackson

said, he would take the present opportunity of putting the question to the noble Lord (Morpeth) which he had been prevented from putting at an earlier part of the evening by the intervention of the Speaker. He wished to know, if any, and what steps were to be taken by her Majesty's Government with respect to a very important circumstance connected with the national system of education in Ireland, namely, the exclusion of the reading of the sacred Scriptures from the schools, by which great dissatisfaction was given to conscientious Protestants?

Lord Morpeth

replied, that steps would be taken which he trusted would have the effect of satisfying the conscientious scruples to which the hon. and learned Gentleman had referred. It was proposed that those children who wished to have the opportunity of reading the Sacred Scriptures should have a separate room afforded them for that purpose in a different part of the school. There were other matters of detail to be adopted re- specting the system of Irish education which it was not now material to allude to more particularly, but which, he trusted, and, indeed had little doubt, would be productive of very general satisfaction.

Subject dropped.