HC Deb 11 December 1837 vol 39 c945
Lord J. Russell

appeared at the bar, and in answer to a question from the Speaker, replied that he brought down to the House a message from the Crown. The noble Lord, having been ordered to bring it up, placed it in the hands of the Speaker, who proceeded to read it, having first ordered hon. Members to be uncovered. Victoria Regina, Her Majesty, taking into consideration the provision made by law for the support of her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Kent, her beloved mother, recommends this subject to the care of her faithful Commons, in the full confidence that they will adopt such measures as her Royal Highness's rank and station, and her increased proximity to the throne, may seem to require. On the motion of Lord John Russell, it was ordered that the House should resolve itself to-morrow into a Committee of the whole House, for the purpose of taking into consideration her Majesty's most gracious Message.

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