HC Deb 08 December 1837 vol 39 cc933-8

Mr. C. Buller moved the commitment of the Controverted Elections Bill pro forma. He intended, he said, to move its recommitment on the 7th of February.

Sir R. Peel

had not the least objection to the motion. As he found that the Bill was not intended by the hon. Mover to have any reference to pending elections, he should give it his best consideration, and in the discussion of it he should, as far as possible, endeavour to allay all party differences.

The House went into Committee.

Sir R. Peel

wished to know from the hon. Member for Liskeard, whether, in the amendments he intended to propose, he purposed to leave out the last clause, by which it was declared that the Bill was not to come into force during the present Session.

Mr. C. Buller

replied, that he had not the slightest intention of leaving that clause in the Bill. Its insertion in the Bill was a mere mistake from a copy of a Bill of last Session. He felt considerable uneasiness on account of that clause, in consequence of the observations made respecting it, as some parties might think that he could be guilty of the attempt to play them a trick. He was thoroughly convinced that his Bill, upon being agreed to, ought to be brought into operation immediately. He should propose no change now, as the Bill was only pro forma in Committee, nor should he propose any change without affording the opportunity for a full and fair discussion upon it.

Bill to be recommitted on the 7th of February.

House resumed.