HC Deb 07 April 1837 vol 37 c858

Mr. Labouchere moved the Order of the Day for the House going into Committee on the Post-office Acts Repeal Bill. His object was to postpone the Committee for a week.

Mr. Freshfield

said, he would take that opportunity of asking the hon. Member for Truro whether, when he stated last night that the resolution of 26th February, 1830, regarding Parliamentary agents had been got rid of by an evasion, he had alluded to his (Mr. Freshfield's) conduct?

Mr. Tooke

had no hesitation in answering the question of the hon. Gentleman as, he was convinced that he (Mr. Freshfield) had acted most honourably, and upon the fair and honest conviction of his own mind. He (Mr. Tooke) had not, in the most distant manner, alluded to the hon. Member; but he had stated that persons less disinterested than the hon. Gentleman might evade the spirit of the resolution in the manner he had mentioned.

In answer to a question put by Sir Eardley Wilmot,

Mr. Labouchere

replied, that his object in introducing the Post-office Bill, now on the table of the House, was to consolidate the laws relating to the Post-office department at present in force, and to remove some existing anomalies. This being the sole object of his Bill, he should listen to any suggestion for the introduction of new matter with extreme caution.

The Order of the Day for the Committee on the Post-office Acts Repeal Bill read, and postponed.

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