HC Deb 05 April 1837 vol 37 c769

Bills. Read a first time:—Halleybury College; East-India Officers' Salaries.—Read a second time:—Sheriffs' Fees; Attorneys and Solicitors; Recovery of Tenements.

Petitions presented. By Sir A. AGNEW. from various places, for the Better Observance of the Sabbath.—By Mr. GROTE, Mr. MAXWELL, and Mr. GILLON, from Strathaven and Avondale, against further Endowment of Church of Scotland; from Whitburn, complaining of the Creation of Fictitious Votes (Scotland); and from Dentford, complain- ing of the King's Dock and Victualling Yards not being charged with the Land-tax; and from St. Mary-le-Bow, for the Equalisation of the Land-tax.—By Sir J. GRAHAM, Mr. HESKETH FLEETWOOD, Captain BOLDERO, Mr. MANGLES, Mr. A. SMITH, and Mr. WALTERS, from Nether and Upper Denton, that they may not be compelled to enter the Brampton Union; and from Glamorgan, Hoghton, Irthington, and Preston, for the Repeal; and from Guildford and Hertford, against the Repeal of the Poor-law Act; from Corsham and Chippenham, for Inquiry into the mode of providing Medical Attendance.—By Sir J. GRAHAM, Mr. GOULBURN, Mr. LOWTHER, Captain ALSAGER, General LYGON, Mr. WILKS, Lord STANLEY, Sir R. VYVYAN, Sir G. SINCLAIR, Mr. BARNARD, Mr. GILLON, and other Hon. MEMBERS, from various places, against the proposed Measure for the Abolition of Church-rates.