HC Deb 20 May 1836 vol 33 cc1130-1
Mr. Halves

wished to put a question to the right hon. Gentleman, the President of the Board of Trade, with regard to the Timber Duties There were many persons interested in the Timber Trade, who were anxious to know what course his Majesty's Government in tended to take in reference to the duties, In consequence of information he had received, which might be looked upon as official, he was led to believe that the same rate of duty was to be continued, but the mode of levying it to be changed. His constituents had a deep stake in the settlement of the question, and to keep the question of the rate of duty impending over them, after some alteration this year in the mode of levying it, would be most injurious and inconvenient.

Mr. Poulett Thomson

said, it was not the intention of Government to introduce, during the present Session, a measure for changing the rate of duty. With regard to the other topic touched upon by the hon. Gentleman—the alteration in the mode of levying it, by introducing a system of measurement—the subject was under consideration, but it was not in his power to give any definite answer. In the arrangements that might be made, every attention would be paid to evading the necessity of measuring the deals twice, a plan which was materially injurious and unfair.

Subject dropped.