HC Deb 22 March 1836 vol 32 cc489-90
Sir John Hobhouse

begged to ask the hon. Member for Finsbury (Mr. Wakley) not to bring forward his motion (for the repeal of the Septennial Act) in the absence of his noble Friend the Secretary of State for the Home Department, as upon it there ought to be a full and fair discussion.

Mr. Wakley

was only one out of twenty-two Members who had notices of motion on the paper for that night; if those who were to follow him would give way, he had no objection. His motion was one of great importance, and he thought it probable, that if he proceeded, it would be carried by acclamation, at least by the hon. Members on his side of the House, seeing that its object was the repeal of the Septennial Act.

Mr. Harvey

thought the hon. Member for Finsbury made a considerable draught upon the courtesy of the House when he expected twenty-one hon. Members would follow his example, and give up their motions. If he (Mr. Harvey) consented to withdraw his motion, it was because he could not help it. He had moved for a return of the total number of persons qualified to vote for Members of Parliament and town-councillors in each of the cities and boroughs of England, which return was ordered by the House on the 11th of February, but had not been laid on the table yet. He should therefore move that the order of the House of that date be complied with forthwith.

Mr. F. Maule

thought the motion just made by the hon. Member for Southwark seemed intended as a censure upon His Majesty's Ministers; but he begged to assure the hon. Member that there was considerable difficulty in making up the return, consequently more time was required.

Mr. Harvey

would not press the motion if it could be shown that due diligence had been used to get up the return.

Sir John Hobhouse,

in reference to what had fallen from the hon. Member for Finsbury, begged hon. Members to cast their eyes down the list of notices, and he was sure they would admit that there was no business of such pressing importance as the Corporation Bill for Ireland.

Several hon. Members accordingly postponed their respective motions.