HC Deb 15 March 1836 vol 32 c327

Petitions presented. By Mr. T. DUNCOMBE from several Metropolitan Parishes, for an Alteration of the Reform of Parliament Act.—By Sir G. STRICKLAND, Colonel THOMPSON, Sir R. FERGUSON, Major BEAUCLERK, and Messrs. ROEBUCK, BOWRING, GROTE, BAINES, MARK PHILIPS, C. WOOD, BARNARD, P. H.HOWARD, KEMP, SCHOLEFIELD, HUME, AGLIONBY, EWART, POULETT THOMSON, and WAKLEY, from a very great Number of Places,—against the Stamp Duty on Newspapers.—By the LORD ADVOCATE, from Ayr and Irvine, against the Stamp Duty on Attornies Certificates.