HC Deb 15 March 1836 vol 32 c334
Sir Robert Peel

had seen in the public papers an account that either the wife or mother of Cabrera—an officer in the service of Don Carlos—had been shot by order of an officer in the pay and commission of the Spanish Government. He wished to ask the noble Lord opposite if he had any reason to know that this account was correct?

Viscount Palmerston

was much afraid that the account was correct. He had no official information on the subject; but from an account contained in a private letter he had received, he feared there was too much reason to apprehend the account was correct. The account he had received of this diabolical atrocity represented it (so we understood the noble Lord) as a reprisal for Cabrera's having shot the wives of four officers of the Government army.

Lord F. Egerton

wished to know if the noble Lord had received any information of this atrocity having been committed at the instigation of Mina?

Viscount Palmerston

said, that such was the rumour; which, however, might be quite false.