HC Deb 14 March 1836 vol 32 c253

Bill. Read a second time:—Annual Indemnity. Read a third time:— Letter Stealing (Scotland).

Petitions presented. By Mr. O'LOGHLEN, Mr. O'CONNELL, Mr. HUME, and Mr. G. S.BARRY, from a Number of Places, in favour of the Municipal Corporations' (Ireland) Bill.—By Mr. SHARMAN CRAWFORD, from Bangor, Drogheda, and Dublin, for Alterations in the same Bill.—By Mr. T. SHAW, and Colonel VERNER, from Dublin and Armagh, against the same Bill.—By Mr. JEPHSON, from Mallow, to be included in the Schedule of that Bill.—By Lord STANLEY, from the Corporation Beadles of Dublin, for Compensation under the Bill.