HC Deb 02 March 1836 vol 31 cc1138-9
Mr. Poulett Thomson

seeing his Friend, the hon. Member for Middlesex, in his place, wished to ask him whether he would consent to abandon the Bill he had introduced relating to Lighthouses, upon his (Mr. P, Thomson's) assuring him that he was ready to introduce a Bill upon the same subject? It would not be in his power, or in the power of his Majesty's Government, to give the consent of the Crown to the second reading of his hon. Friend's Bill, framed as that Bill now was; but he was willing to pledge himself to introduce a Bill founded generally on the recommendations of the Committee on Light-houses, and which would contain pretty nearly the same provisions as the Bill of his hon. Friend.

Mr. Hume

observed, that after what his right hon. Friend had stated, that he could not give the consent of the Crown to the Bill he had introduced, he had no remedy. All he could say was, that his Bill was drawn up agreeably to the instruction of the Committee which sat the year before last. He was sorry to be called upon to give up that Bill; but he could not help himself, for he was in that situation in which he must yield. He would, therefore, not press his Bill.

Light-House Bill postponed for six months.