HC Deb 01 March 1836 vol 31 cc1128-9
Mr. Mackinnon

rose for the purpose of moving for the appointment of a Committee to inquire into the subject of Tolls. It would be similar in its object to a motion of his last Session. His motion was granted at that time; but it fell to the ground on the change of Government. The object he then proposed was the consolidation of turnpike trusts. Subsequently, however, the hon. Member for Perth brought in a similar, Bill, and it proved of great advantage. What he meant now to propose for investigation by a Committee was whether it would not is desirable to provide for the keeping up of highways by some other kind of revenue than by tolls. He believed the Chancellor of the Exchequer was not disposed to agree with him in the application of any other species of revenue to this object than that already provided. The present mode of raising the money by tolls was a most injurious one, and in that opinion the Lords' Committee agreed with him. A post carriage duty, or a horse and carriage duty, would be far preferable. The expense and inconvenience of the present mode of collection was very great. The hon. Member concluded by moving for the appointment of the Committee.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer

said, this subject came rather within the department of his noble Friend (Lord J. Russell) than his. He wished the motion to be so drawn up as not to commit the House, directly or indirectly, to any opinion upon the subject. He was not disposed to concur in the principle which the motion seemed to involve, that the State was to furnish the money. If they did so, of course it must be under the administration of the state. He saw some difficulties, but he had no objection that the subject should be inquired into.

Committee appointed.