HC Deb 28 June 1836 vol 34 c1001

Bills. Read a third time:—Steam Carriages' Bill.—Read a first time:—Sale of Bread Bill.

Petitions presented. By Mr. PHILIP HOWARD, from the Medical Profession, Carlisle, for Medical Witnesses' Bill. —By Sir W. BRABAZON, from Coing and Tumore, for Abolition of Tithes (Ireland).—By Mr. THOMAS DARING, from Great Yarmouth, for Mr. Buckingham's Claim.— By Mr. CLAY and Lord STORMONT, from several Places, for Repeal of Duty on Newspapers.—By Mr. THOMAS BARING, from the Wesleyans of Great Yarmouth, for Lord's Day Bill.—By Mr. CLAY, from Tower Hamlets, for Amendment of Law of Ejectment.—By Mr. DILLON BROWNE, from various Places, for Abolition of Tithes (Ireland); and for Law of Landlord and Tenant.—By Mr. TOOKE, from Truro, for the total Abolition of Church Rates; and by Mr. HARVEY, from Chesham, for the same purpose.